Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Genetically Modified Pigs

Blogs flying around, some for and some against the issue of the socially and genetically improved pig (see Newsweek article on new phosphorus-low enviropigs, and other articles which you can find on other blogs) offering the perfect omega-3 rich grunter.

First of all, would you consider it strange that just when the issue is heating up of BASF going to plant GM modified potato seed in Ireland, and growing negative findings concerning GM, there is a diversion...the lure of an environmental and culinary MIRACLE cooked up by the genemod kitchen?

Would you find it strange that a Newsweek article writes about phosphorus pollution in rivers, but doesn't specify how that pollution came about, however connecting it to the excretions of pigs? Never mind that this was not an issue down through the ages when pigs and mankind and cows and birds lived easily together and waters were clean?

And would it not be excessively strange that in all of this the pig seems not to exist as a living, breathing, sentient being, a fairly intelligent being actually, and an affectionate one and not a thing, a product, an omega-3? Was not the farm animal cared for with respect previously and didn't this add to the nutrition of the meat it offered?

Are we going to watch our earth being destroyed because we only see its purely physical components without any consideration for the larger, subtler, connections that give us joy? An earth in which food is manipulated to create, as it were, supplements and medications for the diminishing vitality our materialists would like us not to notice?

And will we continue to fall for the repeated convenient fables and dogmas that pass for 'science' while our children are denied wholesome food so that they become too lethargic to protest? I have lived long enough to witness the decline and the hype that never lets up until we all believe it, and I can tell you, it is not funny.

Fruits have come
When all is said and done—
The myrtle creeping on the wall
Has even filled with rounded seed
And when we think that we have gone
Through thick and thin
And here and there
And now tis flown—
What will the next epoch prepare?
We have our task; we know not
has it met the needs of others—
Have we right principles and are we able?
Are all the places that we’ve had to furnish set?
The fruit laid out, is it all ready yet—
For now the guests are bidden to the table
Have we fulfilled and have we made
The purpose that we came for?
Are we now free, or is there more
And how will we be weighed?

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