Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finding the Value in Food

Recently, organic food has been given positive press here in Ireland. Several days ago we noticed an article by Oliver Moore in the Irish Examiner; Food science advances have led to nutritional decline. I will paraphrase in part:

1. there is now a substantial body of nutritional information suggesting that we have sacrificed quality over quantity.
2. The Food Commission (UK) has found a decline in micronutrients in food since the middle of last century: 'highly processed foods mean we are likely to be overfed yet malnourished.'
3. the rise of industrialisation and globalisation of agriculture results in nutritional deficiencies.
4. medical interventions become a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.
5. while we may be living longer it does not necessarily follow that we are living healthier or particularly happy lives.

Now, fortunately, public attention is being focused on local, smaller scale foods, organic where possible, produced in a less intensive Oliver Moore says: more seasonal, fresher and less processed foods with all the attendant socio-environmental benefits.

May Ireland preserve her verdant land and become a haven for living food.

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