Friday, March 31, 2006

Christus my babe draw near
Though brightest light now overshadows
The innocents preparing your home,
The cradle and the straw,
The closeness of the animals,
The warmth of fire and the moon’s bright glow,
The angels there for all to see:
This image keeps and holds the mystery
Of your first incarnation.
And so we see that you are there for all
And in the simplest smallest way
Our savior and the savior of this earth
That we belong to.

Draw near now, permeate each grass, each drop of dew
With your sweet presence, let all be comforted.
They say the church of the Nativity stands empty:
Yes perhaps that is so for now
But if you fill the souls with love

Then rushing into emptiness will come new meaning.

I want to go where you were born and walk the path
Your earthly feet once traveled.
I want to pour my own love out
So that it spreads and spreads
Even unto coldness of stone,
Barrenness of field laid low by greed,
And suffering of beasts.

I want my love to sing out and be merry
So that stones begin to throb with joy,
The grasses grow and blossom into seed,
And beasts combine in concert
Kicking up their heels to such extent
That old earth mother and all her fairy
Helpers above and below

Ring out with laughter and well-being.

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