Monday, January 21, 2008

W e a t h e r

"People joked in the not too distant past that if you talked about the weather, you had nothing better to talk about. Today, we talk about the weather because the weather is important in our lives. Rudolf Steiner comments on this in The Driving Force of Spiritual Powers in World History (Lecture 7, Dornach, March 22 1923, GA 232). In the days of Ancient Persia, talk about the weather would have been understood as deeds of the gods and somebody who had nothing interesting to say about the weather would have been deemed boring. The ancient Persians took note of weather when people were born as an expression of 'Divine Thought' allocated to that child. Steiner says that it would be a definite advance if humanity talked about the weather, not whether it is good or bad, but again to reach the stage where weather is related spiritually to events; where it is determined what natural phenomena are connect to which outer events."
-- Thanks for this to Michael Roboz, North Vancouver BC Canada
Michael Roboz (B.Sc. Biochemistry; P.B.D. Environmental Toxicology/ Pest Management) received an Environmental Stewardship Award presented by the City of North Vancouver in June.

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