Monday, December 03, 2007


When will Ireland wake up and feel free enough to choose the good influences of America and England, and reject the bad ones...why is it so bound to the materialism throttling all social instinct? Why does it distance itself from the laws of the European Union that it is a part of?

Fluoridation...a poison in our waters. No one knows how much or how little, it is not under the jurisdiction of local governments but of the 'State' and it follows Western industrial dictates, buying up a toxic chemical waste product and pouring it into us, under the pretext that it does something for teeth.

It is a disaster waiting to happen. Last June 2000 fish were killed in a stream that passes close by houses in Dingle, fluoride leaking from a faulty pump in the treatment plant, fluoride that otherwise goes into our kitchens and bathrooms undetected. What does it do to our air, to the hardening of our bones, our brains? When will a faulty pump kill 2000 of us, or will continued dosing just slowly, inexorably, make us ill? Fluoride is much more deadly even than chlorine and unlike chlorine it cannot be smelled or tasted.

Almost every European country rejects fluoridation for safety reasons as well as for ethical and medical reasons. Mass medication is a horrific thing.

Who will write me and give me some comfort in this?

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