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Open Letter to from Kathy Sinnott to John Gormley, Minister for the Environment
Dear John Gormley,
At our meeting on Wednesday 27th. June, you told the Petitions Committee that you would make the entire Tara file public. I as Vice-President of the Committee and my fellow members have been waiting to receive a copy, but as yet you have not provided one.When do you intend to do this? Had it been done sooner we would have known that the Government has been put on notice by the European Commission that the Environmental Impact Assessment for the whole M3 project is no longer valid thus making it unlawful.Further, the European Commission has informed you it is challenging the National Monuments Act on which the continuation of the M3 project in its present route is based. Had you opened the file as promised and in a timely manner rather than leaving me to unearth the truth only recently, the public would have discovered that the government is in the European Court of Justice this autumn over the current illegality of the M3 project and clearly road works should be halted until the ECJ makes its ruling. The NRA would also have been unable to claim ignorance of the illegality of the project as they are currently doing.With this in mind, I must demand that you open the entire Tara/M3 file to the public as promised and that you do so now. In the interest of the transparency and dedication to our environment we all hoped your party would bring to this government, I insist that you release the Tara/M3 file to the public, the petitions committee and to me.Tara is a treasure which cannot be replaced, I would have hoped that you would move heaven and earth to preserve it. If you are willing to sacrifice Tara, what hope have we of preserving anything else?
Yours in hope,Kathy Sinnott,Member of the European Parliament,Tel: 021 4888793,
20th. July 2007

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