Monday, April 17, 2006

The Etherial Essence of Life

Imagine a raspberry bush in winter and then imagine its life returning in spring. What is this mystery of burgeoning life and how does it get caught in the raspberry bush? Life is the essence that raises the bush from the earth as it grows, giving it colour and fragrance in spring and the rounded taste of its fruit. The bush could not do this but for the influence of the cosmos: warmth and pure light of the sun and fresh water.
Have you noticed the luminous colour lying over the natural fields of Ireland? Do you perceive the difference in a sprayed or depleted field? The light is gone out of the latter because it is barely alive. These subtle differences also exist in food. Compare the taste and smell of an organic raspberry with one forced in chemical-laced soil. One is alive and satisfying the other largely inert and bland. Go beyond the theory of vitamins and minerals; let your body become the scientist and discern whether there is nourishment and life in the taste, smell and enjoyment of any given food.

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