Sunday, February 26, 2006

To the Environmental Protection Agency
Co Wexford

21 February 2006

To Whom it May Concern

We ask you to seriously consider the consequences of the steps you are contemplating in allowing GM crops to be planted in Ireland. Once you introduce modified GM seeds you are putting the control in the hands of a few, or possibly just one, corporation. This is extremely unwise and a possible future danger to the public.

It is also a surrender to monetary forces; blinding those in power to the protests against this defacement of the living earth.

Consider that this is truly a matter of life and death—the living forces of plants grown naturally are in a relationship to the earth, sun and moon. Manipulate plants as in GM seeds and this relationship is interfered with. Ireland is a verdant country. That is what draws people from other places to it. Compare a field of naturally grown produce with fields of GM crops, one is light-filled, the other visibly barren. Maybe you have not observed this. We have, to our horror.
Have the courage to say no to the giants from abroad and don’t imperil this land, not even with one field of potatoes. You do not want to contribute to another famine.

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